With a background in fine arts and history, Paula has created a small and intimate atelier using traditional gold smithing techniques. Each piece is made to order in Portland, Oregon by herself. The studio is built upon a system of sustainability, using recycled gold and ethical stones procured from trusted dealers. 

Her design ethos is casual luxury, offbeat design, tons of color, dirty hands, salty skin. Imperfections are celebrated; the hand of the maker in everything that comes out of her studio. Soft gold that looks and sort of feels like butter.

(Did you know that all of the earth's gold came from dying stars? They exploded in space and hurled down asteroids that deposited pure gold into the ground. Gold cannot be formed here, that's why we use the recycled stuff.)

Rings made for hands that are always busy; low profile, hard stones that just get better with a beating, and texture that doesn't really care, like a good pair of jeans.

Paula wants to be a public garden in the next life. Loved, tended, visited often, smelt, picnics with small humans, super tiny wedding ceremonies. Full of native plants, gaudy large roses, and peonies that cannot stand up because they are so heavy.